Suppressive forces violently attack campus in Zahedan

A group of the Iranian regime’s suppressive agents attacked a university campus on Thursday night local time in the southeastern city of Zahedan. According to obtained reports, they broke windows, beat students and abducted 10 of them.

At 9 pm local time, masked agents raided the dormitory of Sistan va Balouchestan University as the students were studying, breaking doors, windows and beating the students. At least 10 are reported to have been taken to undisclosed locations in a white-colored van.

Most of the students are reported to have been activists. Suppressive forces officials in Zahedan have refused to disclose information to families about the whereabouts of the detainees.

On December 7, Student Day, students staged a peaceful gathering at the University of Sistan va Balouchestan.

The names of four of the detained students are: Behnam Barahoui, Mousa Rahimi, Mahdieh Sarabandi, and Seyyed Ali.

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