Suppressive forces resort to threats before New Year in Iran

As the Persian New Year approaches, the Iranian regime’s officials are resorting to threats and intimidation to prevent uprisings by the Iranian people.

According to state-run news agencies, the commander of the State Security Forces (SSF), Esmail Ahmadi Moqaddam, has said, “Buying and selling fireworks is illegal and the police can severely confront offenders on the basis of the law and refer them to the judiciary.”

The Iranian people traditionally celebrate the last Wednesday of the year (“Fire Festival”) by using fireworks. The celebrations have turned into an act of protest against the clerical regime.

The SSF commander’s deputy, Bahman Kargar, was also quoted as saying, “Offenders arrested on the last Wednesday of the year will not be released until the end of Norouz [new year] holidays.”

Another SSF deputy, Fahimeh Hassan Miri, absurdly claimed that the national Iranian celebrations are “superstitious,” adding that the celebrations have been influenced by foreign cultures.

Ahmadi Moqaddam also referred to the Iranian people’s increasing use of satellite television, saying, “The police is obligated to confiscate satellite dishes.”

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