Suppressive forces plan exercise on the brink of Fire Festival

On the brink of the Fire Festival in Iran and fearing growing protests, the Iranian regime’s deputy State Security Forces (SSF) commander has announced a suppressive forces exercise as a show of force by the regime.

According to Iran Khabar on Sunday, Mohammad Taqi Assar said, “This exercise, which will include 100,000 people, will be carried out during a day across the country.”

He said the objective would be to show the “abilities of the police and prepare the SSF.”

The SSF official threatened people by saying, “Our police is an armed force and can use live ammunition in all areas.”

The ancient tradition known as Fire Festival occurs on the last Wednesday of the year in Iran. People traditionally jump over bonfires to symbolically deflect misfortune and invite prosperity. But, the celebrations have also turned into an occasion to protest against the dictatorship ruling Iran during the years.

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