Suppressive and provocative measures against Ashraf by Iraqi committee in PM office

A group of Iranian regime’s agents dispatched again to Ashraf entrance gate

Speaker of mullahs’ parliament visit Kermanshah and the path to Iraq on western Iran to plan against Ashraf

Agents of the committee in the Iraqi Prime Minister’s office that is responsible for suppression of Camp Ashraf have extended their suppressive and provocative measures against the residents of Ashraf and is preparing the grounds for another attack and their massacre by causing tension and crisis. This is in addition to the presence of the Iranian regime’s agents at the entrance of Ashraf torturing psychologically the residents of the camp 24 hours a day. The agents’ presence at the entrance has been fully backed by the Iraqi forces and the above mentioned committee which has been going on for almost seven months. The new measures are as follows:

1. The agents of the committee tour around the streets of Ashraf along with the Iraqi forces at different hours during day and night. They have aggressive approaches to people who are alone on streets and sometimes beat them. In some cases they have threatened the residents with arrest and death.

2. One of the agents by the name of Heidar Azab Mashi, an officer from the Iraqi army intelligence unit known as Estekhbarat, attacked Gholamhossein Niko and beat him on July 24, 2010. Azab was with a number of Iraqi forces and badly hurt the arm of the Ashraf resident.

3. The same officer attacked another Ashraf resident by the name of Mohammad Afzalian a few days before this incident and threatened him to death. He planned to arrest and kidnap him but he failed.

4. He, accompanied by a number of Iraqi forces, while defying protests by the residents, repeatedly enters the working areas and living quarters of the residents and threatens them with arrest and that he would kill them. He brazenly encourages the residents to join the clerical regime. Upon the requests of the committee, he has been providing false reports from Ashraf.

5. Azab is one of the interlocutors of the suppressive committee with the agents of the Ministry of Intelligence assembled at the entrance of Ashraf. Upon the orders of the clerical regime’s embassy and the suppressive committee, he provides the necessary facilities for the regime’s agents. In order to create havoc and to cause tension, on July 27 he led the agents into Ashraf and stationed them in a square known as Seen Square. Upon the protests of the residents, the Iraqi forces were compelled to take the agents outside of the camp.

6. Simultaneously, on Wednesday and Thursday (July 28 and July 29), the Iranian regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security brought a number of its agents from Iran to Iraq for the second time, to be stationed at the entrance of Camp Ashraf. The clerical regime, which has failed in making use of members of families of Ashraf residents against them, has been forced to deploy dozens of its agents and members of Qods Force to Ashraf who change places between Ashraf and Iran in turn.

The repressive moves and harassments are taking place while Ali Larijani, the regime’s Malis (mullahs’ parliament) Speaker, visited on Tuesday the western city of Kermanshah and Chaharzebar Passage. His trip is aimed at intensifying plots against the PMOI members in Ashraf.

The Iranian regime, frustrated due to the results of the latest parliamentary elections in Iraq and its failure to have its agents in power in that country, is trying to harass and pressure Ashraf residents in the current period of political uncertainty in Iraq and while Al-Maliki’s government is still in power.

By drawing the attention of US Government, American forces in Iraq, United Nation’s Secretary General and its Special Representative in Iraq to the above mentioned points in order to prevent another humanitarian catastrophe in Ashraf, the Iranian Resistance calls for the return of American Forces inside the camp and to guarantee protection of the residents, return of UNAMI’s monitoring team to Ashraf and recognition of Ashraf residents’ rights as Protected Persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention by all parties.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 29, 2010


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