Support by 100 Egyption MPs and residents of Iraq’s Diyala

Paris northern suburb of Taverny, Jun 26 – I am looking at two resolutions specifically related to Ashraf. Madam President, you embody the Iranian Resistance here among us and you have said many times that Ashraf is the highest symbol of the Iranian Resistance. Ashraf is in danger since the mullahs’ regime has put its hands on Iraq. These two resolutions emanating from the General Secretary of National Council of Tribes in Diyala province, where Camp Ashraf is located. The second resolution is from 100 Egyptian MPs.

The resolution presented by the political and intellectual elites of the Diyala province and signed by 480,000 citizens in the sole Iraqi province of Diyala, is directed to all leaders to raise for the umpteenth time the alarm on the situation and threats to Ashraf. Among the 480,000 signatories, there are more than 7,000 lawyers and 6,000 university professors and intellectuals. This resolution as the one which emanates from the Egyptian parliament underlines the responsibilities: “it is the United States government which has disarmed Ashraf residents. It is the US government which has guaranteed the protection of the inhabitants of Ashraf City. Now that the U.S. military leaves, this does not diminish the responsibility of the US Government. The UN and the Iraqi government are responsible too.”

Iran with this regime is a country where one is condemned to death and which executes its citizens simply because they have demonstrated in the streets. Iran is the country where in 1988, in three months, on a single order of Khomeini, 30,000 members of the Iranian Resistance were executed.

That is why Mrs. Rajavi has repeatedly outlined that the solution of the problem in Iran is neither war nor appeasement, it is in supporting resistance so that this regime leaves Iran.

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