Students stage gatherings a day before planned protests

NCRI – Students at the Tehran and Medical Sciences universities protested on Monday against the severe atmosphere of repression on campuses, a day before the December 7 Student Day planned protests.

Students at the University of Tehran staged a gathering in one of the campus buildings, chanting “shame, shame, this worthless government is a shame,” “we die, we die, but we will not succumb to disgrace,” “death to dictator,” “Bassiji, get lost,” and “with God’s help victory is near, death to this deceptive government.”

They then marched towards the main entrance of the campus, singing patriotic songs and continuing with anti-regime chants.

They also declared that on Student Day (December 7) a large protest will be held at the University of Tehran.

The gathering took place despite the palpable atmosphere of suppression on campus brought on by the Iranian regime’s security forces. Hundreds of anti-riot units, State Security Forces (SSF) and plain-clothes agents surrounded the university from early morning hours.

The regime’s intelligence ministry branches on campuses (known as Herasat) prevented the entry of other universities’ students to their designated campuses.

There were also reports that people who heard the students chanting gathered around the university premises to support them.

According to obtained reports, the night before the planned December 7 protest, students at Nasr University staged a protest outside the main door of the university and chanted “death to dictator.”

Suppressive SSF forces immediately began to surround the protestors. There were also other people in the area who voiced support for the students.

Science and Technology University students in Tehran distributed a letter on Sunday in the cafeteria written by the brother of Kianoush Asa, who was killed during last year’s nationwide uprisings by the Iranian regime’s forces.

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