Students in Southwestern Iran vow to protest in support of jailed colleagues

University students in two major Southwestern Iranian cities have issued a statement saying that they will stage protests on December 7, Student Day, in support of jailed students and political prisoners.

In their statement, a group of students in Khorramshahr and Abadan referred to the major anti-regime uprisings of 2009 and the imprisonment of their friends, saying, “This year (on December 7), we, along with students all over Iran, will continue the struggle and object to the 31 years of suppression and injustice against students, youths and the Iranian people.”

It said the Iranian regime uses “utter barbarity” to torture and kill Iranian citizens. It also added that the students will call for the release of their classmates as well as political prisoners while protesting against the “reactionary regulations” that institute gender discrimination and suppression in campuses.

“We will call for the establishment of a humane and free government, and will chant ‘death to dictator.’”

It called on other Abadan and Khorramshahr students to join the Student Day rally and refuse to attend classes.

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