Students are arrested in various cities in Iran

Feb. 14 Uprising- No. 14

Regime’s agents raided the gathering of arrestees’ families outside Evin Prison

On Thursday, February 17, hundreds of families of demonstrators, who were arrested in the Feb. 14 uprising, gathered for the third time outside Evin prison to follow up the situation of their arrested children and relatives. According to eyewitnesses, a very high number demonstrators who were arrested on February 14 and 15 are held in Evin. However, the regime’s authorities dodged the families’ questions and attacked them. At least 16 students from Sharif University of Technology were among the arrestees.


On Tuesday morning, February 15, the agents of the regime’s Intelligence arrested seven students in the dormitory of Amirkabir University in Shahr-e Kord, west of Iran.  There is no information on the conditions of the arrestees who are students of veterinary and accounting colleges of Shahr-e Kord University.
In Isfahan, there is no information on the condition of one of the student activists  from Isfahan University who was abducted by two Bassijis riding motorbikes in the course of suppressive forces’ raid on the gathering of students. In Babol, north of Iran, at least two students from Nooshiravani University were apprehended by the regime’s Intelligence agents.

In Shahr-e Kord, the people tore, burned, or destroyed by pouring paint, the pictures of Khamenei that were posted on the walls hours after midnight of Monday February 14.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 17, 2011

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