Strong condemnation of the Iraqi military occupation of Camp Ashraf and call to the Iraqi Government to immediately withdraw its forces

Press Release
3 April 2011

We have received with great concern news about Iraqi forces under the command of the Iraqi Prime Ministry having occupied the northern part of Camp Ashraf, home to members of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran, with tens of armoured vehicles.

Camp Ashraf is a completely civilian and disarmed area and the entry of such an offensive military force is in violation of International Law namely the Fourth Geneva Convention.

So far at-least 30 BMP armoured personnel carrier and Humvees are stationed inside the Camp.

These measures are taking place in accordance with the Iranian regime’s plans for suppression of its democratic opposition while facing nationwide uprising by the Iranian people.

The European aid to Iraq must be contingent upon improvement of treatment of Ashraf residents by the Iraqi Government.  This is the least expected from the kind of Iraq that the European Union considers a partner and a friend. The European Parliament had adopted several resolutions on Ashraf, emphasizing on the obligation to comply with the 4th Geneva Convention and to put an end to the inhuman repression and restrictions on the residents.

International Committee in Search of Justice (ISJ) calls on the United Nations Secretary General, his Special Representative to Iraq, the American Forces, the Ambassador of the United States to Iraq and the EU High Representative Baroness Ashton for their immediate intervention to have Iraqi forces exit the camp, not allowing to take place in Ashraf another humanitarian catastrophe even worse than the one happened in July 2009.
Alejo Vidal-Quadras
Vice President of the European Parliament
President, International Committee in Search of Justice (ISJ)

International Committee of In Search of Justice (ISJ) enjoys the support of over 4,000 parliamentarians throughout the world

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