Strong condemnation of organized aggression on Camp Ashraf

Press release

January 7, 2011
The International Committee In Search of Justice (ISJ) strongly condemns the organized aggression on Camp Ashraf by the Iranian regime and the forces affiliated to Iraq’s Prime Minister on January 7 that led to 175 injured among the residents and calls for an international intervention, especially by the United States and the United Nations, to end suppression and crimes perpetuated by Iraqi forces upon Tehran’s order.

The criminal aggression took place two days after the foreign minister of the Iranian regime, in a visit to Baghdad, reminded al-Maliki of the regime’s demand for annihilation of Ashraf residents. Now, two days later, the Iraqi forces start implementing the ominous desire of the regime.
Reports indicating that the wounded are prevented from receiving medical treatment and the use of petrol bombs by assailant forces worries the international community more than ever and underscore the need to take up series of urgent measures to secure protection of Ashraf residents. To this end, ISJ reiterates:
–          Those wounded during the January 7 aggression must receive treatment by the U.S. forces and to be transferred to their hospital if needed;
–          As the Spanish Court writ stresses, the crimes committed against the residents of Ashraf during the past two years, including on January 7, constitute war crime and crime against international community and those responsible must be tried and punished. This includes relevant Iraqi and Iranian officials in the decision- making hierarchy;
–          The U.S. forces, based on their obligations towards Ashraf residents, must undertake the protection of Ashraf residents and not allow a greater humanitarian catastrophe to take place;
–          The UN monitoring team to be established in Ashraf immediately.
Today’s world will not tolerate silence and inaction vis-à-vis crimes committed against 3,400 defenseless human beings in Ashraf. Prevention of systematic violations of human rights is the duty of any country and it highlights the U.S. obligation towards the residents of Ashraf.
Alejo Vidal-Quadras
President of ISJ
Vice President of the European Parliament
International Committee of In Search of Justice (ISJ) enjoys the support of 4,000 parliamentarians throughout the world

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