Statement of 85 members of Iraq’s parliament in protection of Ashraf

Emphasis on establishment of UN monitoring team in Ashraf under the UN and International supervision to ensure a humane solution

 In a letter to Ms. Navi Pilay, the UN high commissioner for human rights, 85 representatives of the Iraqi parliament from national fractions urged establishment of a permanent monitoring team in Ashraf under UN supervision, and emphasized on the necessity to reach a humane solution for camp Ashraf.

They stated in the letter:

“We have called to emphasize the need and importance of reaching a humane solution in camp Ashraf in the framework of international law and avoiding use of violence.”

“The appropriate response to the risks that threaten Ashraf residents should be associated with the adoption of urgent measures.”

“Therefore, we welcome appointment of the special representative of European Union for camp Ashraf by the EU foreign policy coordinator, Ms. Catherine Ashton.”

“We expect the United Nations commissariat for refugees and the high commissionor for human rights that, by their understanding of the situation that were published in their last April report, take practical steps to prevent catastrophes in Ashraf.”

In another part the letter, they stated:

“Recognition of legal status of Ashraf residents by the UN high commissioner for refugees who describes Ashraf residents as asylum seekers under international protection, is an admirable step and must be completed by further immediate steps.”

“The UNHCR urged the Iraqi government to extend the deadline for closure of Ashraf so that they can process re-confirming the status of Ashraf residents who have been refugees in Iraq for a quarter of century.”

“There are now serious concerns that the deadline is exploited to use violence against Ashraf residents and to violate the residents’ rights.”

“The requirement and practical assurance for a constructive process and for finding an international and humane solution is to deploy a UN monitoring team in Ashraf under your supervision as the UN high commissioner for human rights and also under supervision of the UN.”
Haidar Mulla,
Rapporteur of Iraqi Parliament Commission on Human Rights
October 13, 2011

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