Statement by Majority of Swedish Parliament calls for democratic change in Iran

Protection of Ashraf

– Considering popular uprisings in Iran against the ruling religious dictatorship and the people’s demonstrations and courageous resistance against government repression;

– Considering the widespread arrests and the sharp increase in the number of political executions including execution of relatives of Iranian dissidents residing in Ashraf in order to prevent uprisings’ spread;

– Considering blockade of Ashraf residents who are protected persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention, their psychological torture day and night,  and attacks by the Iraqi forces and the Iranian regime’s agents which constitute “war crimes”;

– Considering that the Iranian regime is the main obstacle for peace, stability, and democracy in the region that works to thwart the freedom-seeking uprisings of the region in favor of Islamic fundamentalism;

– And considering the third option presented by Mrs. Rajavi, President-elect of the National Council of Resistance –the democratic Iranian opposition coalition– that brings within sight the democratic change in Iran by the Iranian people and the Iranian Resistance:
We call on the government of Sweden for the following:

– Imposing firm and comprehensive economic, political and commercial sanctions against the Iranian regime and the IRGC in order to reduce their capability for suppressing the Iranian people;

– Referring the dossier of violations of human rights and cruel suppression of the Iranian people to the United Nations Security Council for binding measures;

– Working with the U.S. government and the United Nations to secure protection of Ashraf residents and recognition of their protected status under the Fourth Geneva Convention, in order to end the threats, psychological torture and blockade of Ashraf;

– Recognizing the just resistance of the Iranian people for democracy and human rights, and carrying out a dialogue with the National Council of Resistance, the democratic opposition.

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