SSF Commander unveils more suppressive plans to counter protests

The deputy commander of the regime’s State Security Forces (SSF) has announced special plans for 13 provinces in order to intimidate protestors and counter popular demonstrations against the regime.

Ahmad-Reza Radan also grudgingly added that last year’s uprisings prevented the SSF from carrying out many of its plans.

Speaking to SSF agents in Shiraz, Radan said, “The plan is to firmly counter violent offenses. People should expect to see very firm [SSF] reaction in various provinces depending on the circumstances.”

According to the state-run Mehr news agency on Thursday, Radan voiced discontent over the blows dealt to the suppressive SSF forces during the 2009 mass uprisings and said, “Last year, there was a sedition that overshadowed some of the proactive measures. Naturally, we could not properly carry out portions of the SSF’s plans.”

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