Spanish Court’s Verdict Inspires Hope in the Hearts of Iraqi Victims – Zafir Al-Ani

Dr. Zafir Al-Ani, the leader of Iraq’s National Future Assembly and one of the leaders of Al-Iraqia Coalition, described the verdict of the Spanish court against Al-Maliki and three of his military officials as “binding.”

The verdict was issued for the murder of 36 Iranian refugees in Camp Ashraf, Iraq. He stated, “There is this universal belief that since the victims of organized violence in Iraq cannot defend themselves, international laws regarding human rights call on other governments to interfere for their protection.”

Zafir Al-Ani added, “Public assessment of Iraqi jurisdiction indicates that it is under the influence of politicians and murderers and criminals who are directly connected to Iranian Supreme Leader and terrorist Gods Corps are trying to avoid the consequences of their crimes and thus vigorously violate human rights even more. We, therefore, witness the willingness of world community to interfere and ensure respect for human rights in Iraq and trial and punishment of criminals. The most vicious example of violation of law and human rights is the incidence in which Iraqi security forces killed 36 and injured hundreds of Ashraf residents.”

Dr. Zafer Al-Ani mentioned that those Iraqis who think Iraq’s jurisdiction is tainted by politics and the administration is backing criminals will be encouraged, especially after the Spanish court verdict, to seek for the rights of the victims of this suppressing government in international tribunals.

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