Spanish court looks to quiz Iraq’s prime minister in probe into killings of Iranians exiles

The Associated Press  –  MADRID – A Spanish judge wants to question Iraq’s prime minister and three Iraqi army officers in a probe into the killing of Iranians exiled in Iraq.

Judge Fernando Andreu this week said he wanted to question the four as he expands his probe into the killing of 11 Iranian exiles living in Camp Ashraf in Iraq in 2009 to include the killing of another 35 people there on April 8.

He summoned the three officers to the National Court on Oct. 3 and said he would call Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki when his immunity as premier expires on leaving office.

Spain’s universal justice doctrine allows it to prosecute grave crimes committed in other countries under certain conditions, such as when the country where a crime allegedly took place is not investigating.

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