SNC Vice-President: Mullahs’ crimes give us a common cause with Iranian opposition

The Vice President of the Syrian National Coalition for Revolutionary and Opposition Forces, Mrs Nora al-Amir, said that the meeting in Paris on May 24 between the coalition Chairman Mr Ahmed al-Jarba and a delegation of the National Council of Resistance of Iran led by its President Maryam Rajavi was held within the framework of coordination between the two sides.

Mrs al-Amir confirmed in her remarks to ‘al-Watan’ (Saudi daily): “The meeting came in the context of looking for ways to unify efforts, as we are facing a common enemy, and we have a mutual interest in fighting that enemy. The Iranian regime contributed a lot to the Syrian massacre and used every weapon it could to destroy our country, so it is natural to unite with those who participated in combating this enemy. This meeting was natural and many important issues were discussed, and I expect to reveal its results in the near future.”

Mrs al-Amir said that the crimes committed by the mullahs’ regime against the Syrian and Iranian peoples brought them together with a common goal, and getting rid of that regime had become a legitimate target for them both.

She added: “We were exposed in Syria to brutal aggression from Tehran, which insists that al-Assad should remain despite the refusal of the Syrian people, and are acting as if they decide the best and most suitable form of its government. They do all this for purely sectarian purpose, away from all the rules of good neighborliness which states commonly used to follow throughout history. Thus, they felt authorized to control our country in every way.”

Mr al-Jarba met a delegation of the National Council of Resistance of Iran in Paris on May 24, where he affirmed his support for the council, praising the solidarity and fraternity between the Iranian Resistance and the Syrian revolution.

He said in a statement after the visit: “We and the Iranian people are in one camp, fighting against a common enemy in order to achieve one goal. The ruling mullahs in Iran do not have any legitimacy. I say honestly that the fate of the Syrian people and the Syrian revolution is linked to the fate of the Iranian people and its legitimate representative that is the Iranian Resistance led by Mrs Maryam Rajavi.”

For her part, Mrs Rajavi denounced the ‘full support’ of the Iranian regime for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime and his repressive policies. In addition, a member of the delegation said: “During this meeting, it was emphasized that the military and logistics leadership, and the deployment of fighting forces by thousands in Syria were under the supervision of Quds Force of the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards.”

Source: Al-Watan Saudi daily

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