Sheikh Majid Ismail from the Kurdistan Coalition: Camp Ashraf residents are refugees

Al-Malaf website reported on June 2 that Sheikh Majid Ismail Mohammad, a member of the Iraqi Parliament from the Kurdistan Coalition said: “Implementation of the European Parliament’s plan that calls for Camp Ashraf residents to reside in another country and away from this region brings them more wellbeing.”

In an interview with al-Malaf, Sheikh Majid Mohammad pointed out that: “The international community has implemented such solution for protection of other refugees, just as other Iranian dissident groups are living in other countries.”

“Camp Ashraf residents are refugees and human and international laws related to refugees and asylees apply to them. Additionally, these laws protect them in facing compulsory extradition to their country as long as their lives are in danger,” al-Malaf quoted Sheikh Majid Mohammad as saying.

Referring to the plan previously suggested by the Iraqi government, Sheikh Majid Mohammad said relocating Camp Ashraf’s residents to anywhere else in Iraq, especially near the Iranian borders, is dangerous to their lives and added that this is not a viable solution for their problem.

“Everybody knows that the Iranian regime has widely interfered in the Iraqi politics and has major influence in Iraq, as it is also trying to impose its hegemony and control over Iraqi Kurdistan,” Sheikh Majid Mohammad said.

He added: “The Iranian regime tries to be the regional superpower and they cannot hide this policy of theirs. This is what makes things difficult for Camp Ashraf residents and leaves us concerned that they might attack them again.”

Sheikh Majid stressed that the Iraqi government must protect them because they are refugees and the international laws affirm this, al-Malaf reported.

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