Sheikh Harith al-Dhari: Residents of Ashraf are guests of Iraq and UN must provide them protection

Sheikh Harith al-Dhari, President of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq called upon the United Nation to protect the residents of Ashraf and called described them as guests of all dignified Iraqis.

In an interview with Sarmad Abdul Karim, Director General of the Iraqi News Agancy, when asked what his position was on pressures exerted on the PMOI members in Ashraf, he said; “As far as dignified Iraqis are concerned the PMOI members residing in Ashraf are the guests of Iraqi people and they have never harmed Iraqis since the first day they came to Iraq.

After the occupation of Iraq and being disarmed, now they are being targeted by the present Iraqi government. We strongly condemn any effort aimed at harming them. We call upon the UN to meet its obligations in protecting them”.

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