Senior regime mullah: Recent protests aimed to eliminate absolute clerical rule

A senior cleric associated with the Iranian regime told a number of religious seminary students on Tuesday that recent widespread uprisings in Iran targeted the foundation of the clerical regime or the principle of absolute clerical rule.

According to the state-run Fars news agency, mullah Mahdavi Kani referred to the deep divisions at the top of the regime’s hierarchy and said, “Everyone used to at least on the surface tow the same line. The enemy was on the other side. The line used to be clear. But now this line have blurred.”


Kani, who is close to the faction affiliated with the mullahs’ Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, added, “During the recent sedition [uprisings], there was talk about elimination of the Supreme Leader. The target was not just a person but the elimination of this position within the Islamic Republic.”

He warned regime officials, “Be on alert and avoid supporting those who oppose this pillar of the establishment. There may be objections here and there, but this pillar must not be broken. We have to protect this pillar with everything we have.”

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