Senior regime cleric lambasts women’s resistance for fifth time

A senior ranking cleric of the Iranian regime has once again lambasted women in Iran for standing up to the clerical dictatorship despite severe repression, underscoring “for the fifth time” the imperative of compulsory veiling to intensify a crack down on the country’s female population.

According to the state-run Fars news agency on Friday, during Tehran’s Friday prayer session, Ahmad Khatami, who is the acting leader of the prayers in the capital, said, “This is the fifth time [during Friday prayers] that I want to talk about the painful topic of veiling. The reason is that unfortunately, we are hearing reports about breaking the law in this regard on a daily basis.”

Ahmad Khatami called for more suppression of women and girls under the pretext of “fighting mal-veiling” and conferring “divine punishments,” saying, “In order to fight mal-veiling, a cultural program is not sufficient. Divine punishments must also be observed. Officials must report on their accomplishments in this regard.”

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