Senior official in al-Iraqiya says Ashraf residents are guests and friends of Iraqis

A senior official in the al-Iraqiya coalition has said in a statement that the residents of Camp Ashraf are the friends and guests of people in Iraq’s Diyala province.

According to al-Sharqiya TV on Tuesday, Hesam al-Azavi, warned in a statement against the terrorist activities of the regime and its consulate in Diyala.


Al-Azavi said, “In recent days, there have been news reports about the presence of elements tied to the Iranian regime’s intelligence services who see themselves at the service of the Iranian regime and want to pollute the province’s political atmosphere.”

“They plan to set up a picture gallery in the town of Khalis to defend the Iranian regime’s consulate. The gallery is being set up by those who have suspicious ties to the Iranian regime’s notorious Intelligence Ministry,” the statement said.

It added, “These attempts have caused worries among the residents of the province because they represent a plan by the Iranian regime after its new ambassador took office and show the regime’s pressures and threats against Iraqi personalities and the Iranian opposition. The latter has been living in Camp Ashraf for more than a quarter of a century and they are considered to be the friends and guests of Diyala’s people.”

“People of Diyala are worried that these measures serve to set the stage for the regime’s terrorist acts which will then be attributed to others. This is a tactic used by the regime that is well known by our people.”

Al-Azavi emphasized that, “We see these actions as foreign meddling in Diyala by a regime that has not brought nothing for us over the past few years except murder and destruction.”

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