Senior Al-Iraqiya official warns against Iranian regime plots as Baghdad readies to form government

One of the top leaders of the al-Iraqiya List, which won the parliamentary elections in Iraq in March, has issued a warning about the Iranian regime’s plots as a new government is being formed in Baghdad.

According to NINA news agency on Wednesday, Dr. Zafer al-Ani said in a statement, “The Iranian regime is exerting direct pressures on its allies, telling them to reiterate what the it is saying about respecting a red line against al-Iraqiya and its leaders.”

He said, by doing so, the clerical regime in Iran seeks to thwart the development of an independent policy in Iraq in order to continue to dominate the country and use it as its own back yard for the advancement of aggressive policies in the region.

“There is no doubt that al-Iraqiya will absolutely not surrender to the Iranian regime’s plans to sideline it,” Dr. Zafer al-Ani said.

The statement goes on to say, “Al-Iraqiya believes that it cannot remain silent in the face of a deliberate delay in the formation of a new government, and will review inviting the United Nations on behalf of the international community to stand with the people of Iraq who seek to change the catastrophic status quo.”

Dr. al-Ani added that al-Iraqiya will remain committed to the principle of majority political participation in the country. But, he added, any other position that wants to deprive the list of its legitimate right will be seen as a hostile decision which the coalition will take an appropriate position against. Al-Iraqiya will engage in true democracy by taking advantage of all possible political resources in order to preserve democratic regulations, Dr. al-Ani added.


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