Security cameras in schools reveal regime’s anxiety over student protests

Weary of student protests, the Iranian regime has started installing closed-circuit security cameras in schools.

The state-run Hamshahri newspaper on Saturday quoted Mehdi Navid Adham, the Secretary of the regime’s Supreme Council of Education, that installation of cameras in schools has now become legal.


Another official in Tehran said the mounting of security cameras has been taking place with the coordination of the Education Organization.

The daily wrote, “Closed-circuit cameras look for the smallest degree of disobedience and are meant to be a trap. Installing cameras in all locations of the school and studying under these cameras will serve as a constant reminder to students that they are always being watched.”

But Hamshahri also expressed doubt about the success of the program, quoting students as young as 13 as saying that they have already found blind spots and can trick the cameras.

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