Secret mass executions continue in Mashhad

23 more prisoners were hanged in secret at the Vakil Abad prison in Mashhad in October. The victims were charged with transporting drugs, and were executed without the knowledge of their families or lawyers, and were not even themselves informed until a few hours before their deaths.

The International Human Rights Campaign in Iran (Rahana) reported on October 30 that there have been widespread mass executions carried out in secret at Vakil Abad Prison in the northeastern city of Mashhad. On two known occasions, on October 5 and 12, a total of 23 prisoners were hanged.

Thirteen were executed on October 5 and ten on October 12 collectively and without having prior knowledge.

According to Rahana, these executions were carried out without compliance to the regime’s own rules and due process. A number of the prison’s former inmates have also revealed that they were forced to make confessions under torture.

The execution victims were rounded up only a few hours before their hanging from various wards of Vakil Abad Prison, after which they were taken to a hall in front of the visiting area of the prison and hanged collectively.

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