Saudi Arabia: IRGC and Hezbollah should leave Syria

For any political settlement to take place in Syria the presence of the Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards and Hezbollah must end in that country, the Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister told the United Nations General Assembly.

Prince Saud Al-Faisal said the situation in Syria is this century’s biggest humanitarian disaster in terms of savageness and crime-committing accompanied by the spread of extremist and terrorist groups which were offered a safe haven in the Syrian territories.

He said that Saudi Arabia was and still a supporter of the moderate Syrian opposition and that the ongoing battle should not ignore the circumstances that led to the emergence of the phenomenon of terrorism.

All evidences indicate that the Syrian regime is the forefront of sponsoring terrorism in Syria, he stated.

‘We suggest that for any political settlement to take place in Syria, Bashar Al-Assad, who lacks legitimacy, should not be allowed to play any role anyway. We see that Geneva I conference offers a solution that would lead to a transitional peaceful power and preserves the State’s institutions that guarantee Syria’s independence, territorial integrity and unity. It is obvious that such a solution could never come to being with the presence of foreign forces on the Syrian territories such like the Iranian revolutionary guard and Hezbollah forces, which cause an imbalance of power on the ground’, he said.

The foreign minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia told the General Assembly that Yemen is witnessing accelerating and aggravating situations that necessitate all of us to stand by its side to face the unprecedented challenges that, if not settled now, would go diving towards more violence and struggle and taking the Yemeni people as its first victim.

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