Sanctions have turned paint into a rare commodity in Tehran

As a result of international sanctions against the Iranian regime, paint ?manufacturing factories are facing a crisis.?

According to the state-run news agency Mehr, paint has become a rare commodity in ?Tehran due to problems in transferring foreign currency out of the country.?


The news agency said this crisis results from “the intensification of the imposed ?pressures.”?

According to the report, “Recently, some foreign parties have cancelled orders and are ?refusing to supply domestic factories with the required raw materials.”?

The director of the Cooperatives Union of Paint Producers in Iran confirmed the report ?and said, “Currently, paint-producing companies are on the one hand facing problems ?with transferring foreign currency abroad as a way to obtain their raw materials, and on ?the other hand, they are faced with a rising dollar value.”?

He added, “This is a problem that is extensive and wide-ranging in scope.”?

Recently, a member of the regime’s Security and Foreign Policy committee in Majlis ??(Parliament), Mohammad-Mehdi Shahriari, said that international sanctions have brought ?the speed of industrial production in Iran to a crawl.?

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