sanctions for rights violations prelude to more UN sanctions against regime, official warns

An official in the Iranian regime’s parliament says the recent US decision to ?blacklist eight regime officials for gross human rights violations is a prelude to the ?adoption of fresh sanctions at the UN Security Council against Tehran, the state-run Mehr ?news agency reported on Wednesday. ?

The deputy speaker of the Majlis (parliament) Security and Foreign Policy Committee, ?Heshmatollah , said, “The US is acting as the instigator, imposing additional ?sanctions and compelling the Europeans to impose their own sanctions on top of (UN) ?resolutions, in order to build an anti-Iran culture and prepare other countries for future ?resolutions against Iran.”?

Expressing worries about the outcome of Washington’s initiative, he added, “The US is ?trying to preserve the psychological ambiance characterized by sanctions against Iran and ?to raise issues that would prompt more sanctions against the country.”?

Last month, Washington slapped sanctions targeting eight Iranian regime officials who ?are complicit in gross human rights violations against the Iranian people. As a result, the ?US assets of the eight regime officials will be seized and they will be banned from ?entering the US.

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