Sanction Iranian regime for rights abuses, European lawmakers tell EU

Members of the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee said in a resolution on Tuesday that the European Union should devise a new and broader strategy towards Iran, which goes beyond the nuclear issue and addresses the regime’s human rights record and regional role.

According to the European Parliament’s official website, the lawmakers called “on EU foreign ministers to impose sanctions targeting Iranian officials responsible for serious human rights abuses since the disputed presidential election of June 2009, in line with similar measures taken by the USA last September.”

The committee strongly condemned the regime’s barbaric execution of Ms. Zahra Bahrami, a Dutch-Iranian citizen, on Saturday. It added that it “deeply regrets that the number of executions in Iran in 2009 was the highest in the past ten years, making Iran the country with the highest number of executions per capita in the world.”

The Iranian regime has dramatically stepped up barbaric executions, especially of dissidents, since the beginning of the year, with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights confirming this weeks that close to 70 people have been executed in the last month alone.

The members of the Foreign Affairs Committee also said that, given the regime’s continuing refusal to co-operate with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), “additional sanctions have become the logical consequence.”

The legislators also underscored the “Iranian people’s growing aspirations for democratic change.”

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