Russian expert says Iran does not need uranium enrichment for peaceful nuclear energy

A senior fellow at Russia’s Middle East Institute challenged the Iranian regime’s claims on Wednesday that it will be able to build several new nuclear reactors in the next year, citing technical challenges. He also said that the Iranian regime does not need to enrich uranium for peaceful nuclear energy, according to Ria Novosti.

Professor Vladimir Sazhin, said, “If you have less than 10-12 nuclear reactors, then it would not be feasible to produce their required fuel independently, because then it would cost 5-7 times more than internationally acquired fuel. According to information from scientists, Iran is not very self-reliant when it comes to rich uranium reserves.”

He added that even if all the uranium in Iran is discovered and used, then the resulting fuel will only be sufficient for 10 years of operation for a nuclear reactor like Bushehr in southern Iran.

“In fact, the Iranian regime cannot establish a program to independently provide fuel for 20 reactors, let alone building them,” he said.

The senior Russian expert said the Iranian regime’s insistence on continuing its uranium enrichment “at any cost” can only raise political stakes.

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