Revelations of mullahs’ enormous thefts intensify crisis within Iranian regime

Khamenei calls for an end to tumult; Ahmadinejad accuses rivals of cover-ups

Regime officials are all involved in plundering, destroying Iran’s wealth and economy and should be brought to justice

With the revelation of billions in theft involving the mullahs’ highest officials, the Iranian regime’s internal crisis has escalated and various factions have rallied against each other more than ever.

 Khamenei, fearing the disclosure of his role and that of his inner circle in this embezzlement and others similar cases of fraud, said on October 3rd that media outlets must not make this issue so controversial. In fact they should allow the regime’s officials to follow up on the events with logic, contrivance, strength and precision, he added.

“Officials must evict the dishonest individuals involved in this case of corruption,” Khamenei threatened, while his inner circle is attempting to introduce Ahmadinejad’s faction as the ones responsible for this case of theft. “The judiciary must not show mercy towards corrupt individuals and saboteurs.”

 “The devils are looking to flop the opportunities and insist on forcing bargains and cover-ups, and accuse the government of mobocracy”, Ahmadinejad said twenty four hours later attacking the rival faction in a gathering of governors. “From the very beginning I believed that the country’s only problem is derailing from the values and principles of the Revolution, and it is natural that these remarks have opposition and the opposition will use all their power to throw us out of the ring … There are people who have lined up in front of us and accuse of deviance that many of the country’s problems results from their management of the society, and now they accuse us of a host of allegations”.

Meanwhile, Sadeq Larijani, Head of Khamenei’s Judicial System attempted to limit the scope of the embezzlement and said that no one know the amount of the graft, it might have been less than 3,000 billion Tomans. However, Mullah Mohseni-Ejei said that the scope of the graft is more than 3,000 billion Tomans.
The truth is that the regime’s officials, from Khamenei and Ahmadinejad to other authorities of the Establishment, all have share in the embezzlement, theft and plundering of the Iranian people’s assets and the destruction of the country’s wealth. Lootings that have destroyed the country’s economy, ruined the lives of millions of Iranians, separated many families and led to the deaths of countless bereaved people.

Officials of the Mullahs’ regime, in addition to crimes against humanity, must be brought to justice for these enormous embezzlements.
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 5, 2011

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