Reuters reports on al-Maliki’s smokescreen show in Ashraf

In a report about a press tour organized by Nouri al-Maliki and criminal commanders of Iraqi forces meant to whitewash their war crimes committed on April 8, Reuters said, “Dozens of exiled Iranians shouted “Killers! Killers!” at Iraqi soldiers guarding their desert camp on Saturday.”

“Put the killers on trial,” residents shouted at a group of journalists bussed in to Camp Ashraf, located in the restive Diyala province about 65 km (40 miles) northeast of Baghdad, in an area largely inaccessible to journalists, Reuters added.

The residents “held up signs condemning the violence,” Reuters sad.

“’Stop right here and let us tell the crimes,’ one banner said in English. But heavily armed soldiers held the residents back from the media and pushed them behind a metal gate. Journalists were not allowed to speak to them.”

“Reporters could only view the main camp from a distance, obscured by an earthen wall. Little was visible apart from a mosque, whose minarets rose above the camp,” Reuters said.

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