Rep. Engel: ‘If Hassan Rouhani is a moderate he should act like it once in a while’

In an interview with NBC News, the leading Democrat Congressman in U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee, blasted Hassan Rouhani’s comments he made about the coalition against ISIS as “hypocritical” while the Iranian regime is “the largest financier of terrorism all around the world.”

Mr Engel rejected any cooperation with the Iranian regime on anything and described the Iranian regimes meddling in Iraq as the cause of the ISIS problem in the Middle East.

“I do not know to laugh or cry. We certainly do not need any advice from Hassan Rouhani. This is supposedly the moderate Rouhani. I find it really ironic when Iran is the largest financier of terrorism all around the world that he thinks taht he can give the United States a lecture or advise on fighting terrorism it is just hypocritical,” Mr Engel said.

“My attitude is I do not want to cooperate with Iran against anything. Maliki was the prime minister of Iraq but he was Iran’s boy in Iraq. And the problem we have with the ISIS is because of the way he governed. He was exclusionary. He did not give the Sunnis any kind of role in the country and as result many of the Sunnis who would be moderate went over to ISIS as the only ones fighting Maliki and terrorists backing his government. I think we should not be getting any lectures from him.”

“If he is a moderate he should act like it once in a while,” Mr Engel said.

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