Religious leaders snub Khamenei during Qom visit

Despite the Iranian regime’s propaganda and pressures, religious leaders in Qom ?refused to take part both in ceremonies meant to welcome the mullahs’ Supreme Leader ?to the city as well as the meetings where he spoke

Shortly prior to Khamenei’s speech at Qom’s Astaneh Square, the state-run Mehr news ?agency said that a number of religious leaders were sitting in a booth reserved for special ?guests.?


But, in a later report, Mehr only said that several members of the regime’s Assembly of ?Experts, including Mesbah Yazdi, Boushehri, and Moqtadai attended the speech, adding ?that several “representatives” of the offices of Qom’s religious leaders were also in ?attendance without naming them.?

Separately, the Iranian regime had ordered all shops in Qom to be closed on Tuesday ?when Khamenei arrived in Qom. According to state-run media, religious seminaries were ?also declared officially closed. A large number of the regime’s agents and cohorts were ?brought into the city from various other cities, including Tehran, to greet Khamenei.

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