Regime’s Transport Minister dismissed

The Iranian regime’s Majlis (Parliament) has dismissed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s Roads and Transportation Minister, according to state-run news agencies.

On Tuesday, state-run Mehr reported that Majlis deputies dismissed Hamid Behbahani in a no-confidence vote, with 147 in favor, 78 against and nine abstaining.

It added that only Ahmadinejad’s parliamentary advisor appeared in the session with neither Behbahani nor Ahmadinejad showing up.

Iran under the clerical regime has a dreadful roads and air safety record, with thousands of deaths annually on the country’s roads alone.

On January 10, a devastating passenger plane crash in the northwestern city of Oroumieh left at least 73 people dead. Some regime officials have confessed that dozens of the victims could have been saved, but lost their lives due to unjustified late emergency response.

It appears that the removal of its Transport Minister is part of the regime’s attempt to brush away its abysmal record in transportation safety as well as its entrenched corruption and incompetence in order to silence popular anger towards it.

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