Regime in “challenging,” “difficult,” and abnormal situation: IRGC officials

Two members of the Iranian regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) have described the regime’s situation as difficult and challenging, warning that circumstances are anything but normal, according to the state-run Fars news agency on Monday.

One of them, identified as Javani, who is said to be the director of the suppressive organ’s political bureau, said, “Our current situation is one that is marked by battles and confrontations. We are at the front lines and when we want to carry out cultural activities, we must take note of the fact that we are not in normal circumstances.”

He added, “We have to be well aware of the characteristics of the front lines.”

Another IRGC member, Jazayeri, introduced as a deputy in cultural and propaganda affairs at the joint chiefs of the regime’s armed forces, said, “We are in the midst of passing through threatening challenges. This period will certainly prove to be difficult and complex. We have to recognize these challenges.”

“Of course, one must not discount the use of hard power,” he added.

He was also quoted by Fars as saying, “We are in a wide-ranging war. … We have to notice that the enemy has a lot of power and might in a variety of spheres. We must identify those abilities without making too much or too little of them.”

“The enemy’s objective is to target the core of the” regime, Jazayeri added.

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