Regime envoy to Switzerland disappeared with intelligence

A former regime ambassador to Switzerland, who was also a senior member of the regime’s negotiating team for nuclear talks, has not returned to Iran and taken loads of information with him, a state-run media has reported.

The state-run Jahan News said Sirous Naseri “who was part of the Hassan Rohani team, has never returned to the country and has taken intelligence with him.”

It added that another official, “Moussavian, is also accused by the intelligence ministry of handing over nuclear intelligence to westerners.”

Jahan News derided Hassan Rohani’s negotiating team and said, “The achievements of this team was to accept all of the West’s conditions. It accepted to close Natanz and UCF, suspended nuclear activities and according to statements by the western side, it even accepted to suspend nuclear activities for 10 years.”

Sirous Naseri, a criminal regime diplomat in Switzerland, had a role in the early 1990s assassination of Dr. Kazem Rajavi, a prominent human rights activist and opponent of the Iranian regime.

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