Regime backs down from executing political prisoner after protests

NCRI – The Iranian regime has backed down from executing an imprisoned lawyer after being faced with popular protests against the planned hanging.

The regime had declared that Habibollah Latifi, a young law student, was scheduled for execution Sunday morning in Sanandaj prison. The mullahs’ regime did not carry out the hanging, however, after popular protests.

According to obtained reports from inside Iran, the regime’s suppressive forces tried to prevent protests by controlling and inspecting cars that entered the city of Sanandaj.

Despite the suppressive measures, hundreds of residents gathered to protest in front of Sanandaj prison and demanded the sentence to be repealed.

Fearing the expansion of the protests and after being pressured internationally, the regime finally suspended the execution sentence of the political prisoner.

On Friday, the Iranian Resistance issued a statement calling on all international human rights organizations to enact urgent measures to stop the execution of Habibollah Latifi.

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