Ramy Nakhla, the most active Syrian youth in the virtual world: Damascus regime learns suppression techniques from Tehran

According to Radio France, May 8th, in a telephone interview with the Austrian news agency APA, Ramy Nakhla, 28, explained that in Syria, “in order to create an atmosphere of terror, they initially killed people indiscriminately. But after a while, the security forces found out that when they kill one person, at least 10 of his friends would pour to the streets and would be willing to die for their loved one, but if you arrest and torture 1 person, at least 10 of his friends would be terrorized. This has been the technique used by Syrian security forces in the last few weeks.”

He pointed to the last Presidential elections in Iran and its aftermath and said that the new suppression technique in Syria “is copied from Iran. The Iranian people’s 2009 protest movement was suppressed this way. These are in fact the results of cooperation between Syria and Iran…”

Nevertheless, Ramy Nakhla expressed optimism about the conclusion of the Syrian revolution and said: “Implementing violence, killing, and torture of the dissidents heightens people’s fury and increases the tendency for overthrowing the regime.”

He also considered the silence by the world community regarding the situation in Iraq to be unacceptable and said that “the world must do something.”
Ramy Nakhla is the founder of the online daily “Syria Press” and is also the founder of an organization called “Take Your Rights.”

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