Ramadi protestors decry Iranian regime meddling in Iraq

People in Iraq’s Ramadi city staged a protest this week decrying the Iranian regime’s destructive meddling in their country. They also condemned the suppressive measures of the operations commander of al-Anbar province and called for his expulsion.

According to al-Rafedin TV, people in Ramadi said the operations commander is a murderer and a foreign agent.

One of the protestors, who also had a funeral procession for an assassinated brigadier general, called on the Iraqi police to stand up to the infiltration of the Iranian regime’s terrorist Qods Force and the Badr Brigade.

He said he believes half of the army forces in al-Anbar province are tied to the Iranian regime.

A police officer also said, “This army is useless for us because they are Iranians and criminals. They target civilians. I resign from my post as a police officer because I don’t want to work for an Iranian government.”

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