Quds Force orders Iraq’s Maliki to expel remaining Ashraf residents, expropriate property

NCRI – The Iranian regime has directed the Government of Iraq to expropriate the property of Camp Ashraf residents as soon as possible, and expel those remaining in the camp, according to documents and reports received from inside the mullahs’ regime by the National Council of Resistance of Iran in Paris.

The Iranian regime embassy in Baghdad last week summoned a number of GoI’s ministers and officials to hand down instructions by the commander of Quds Force, Ghasem Soleimani.
Soleimani ordered the officials that “Ashraf must be evacuated as soon as possible”.

The commander of the Iraqi 9th Badr Corps and Iraqi minister of transportation Hadi Ameri who was among the officials receiving the order wrote a letter to al-Maliki upon his return from the Iranian regime’s embassy stating that “Iran believes this organization [the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK)] is making all the excuses for not being transferred to Hurriya compound [Camp Liberty] in a bid to buy time” and the GoI must increase its “measures” and “pressures” on the PMOI to “expedite relocation of these people.”

In the letter, a copy of which has been sent to the Iranian regime’s Quds Force, Ameri asks the GoI to increase “pressure on the  United Nations and U.S. embassy” in Baghdad  to “expedite the transfer of those people” who have remained in Camp Ashraf to protect their properties.

The Iranian Resistance has repeatedly stated that the GoI’s repressive measures against the Ashraf residents and expropriation of their property are being carried out at the behest of the Iranian regime with Martin Kobler paving the way.

In a statement on January 21, 2013, the secretariat of the NCRI stated that Martin Kobler “advocates the interests of al-Maliki and the Iranian regime against members of the Iranian opposition, and his measures are aimed at expropriating the residents’ property and paving the way for another massacre of the Iranian opposition members in Iraq, which Al-Maliki and Khamenei greatly need as they are in very unstable situation.”

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 26, 2013

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