Qods Force Agents tear protecting perimeter fence of Ashraf and charge against the residents

Friday April 1, at night time the agents of the terrorist Qods Force of the clerical regime headed by mullah Jabbar Maamouri, who enjoyed the support of Iraqi forces, cut 12 meters of Ashraf’s perimeter fence in order to penetrate into the camp. Their plot was foiled due to vigilance of the residents.

From a while ago, the agents of the Qods Force under the guise of building a road, placed loader and other heavy equipments on the location, established an intelligence network and identified the suitable point for cutting the perimeter fence. At the time of the raid, they carried big cutters that are used for cutting fences.  They placed a hook on the fence and pulled it with a car in order to tear off part of it. They also attacked the residents using stones and bricks and fired at the residents with pellet gun.
Maamouri and his agents came to vicinity of Ashraf on Saturday, April 2 around noon again. On this occasion they threw stones and bricks and tried to cut through the perimeter fence once again.

Maamouri who is in systematic contact with the regime’s embassy, simultaneously had mobilized some of the regime’s agents to raid into Ashraf simultaneous with cutting the fence.   Maamouri had told these agents “We want to make a surprise raid. So that as the protection fence of Ashraf is cut, we would mobilize some individuals and would enter the camp as Iraqi people, plunder the place and attack the residents.” A number of these agents had taken part in the raid against Ashraf on January 7, 2011 throwing Molotov Cocktails and stones that resulted in 176 residents being injured.
The Iranian Resistance draws the attention of the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General, US officials and Commander of the US forces in Iraq to the plot of the clerical regime, its agents in Iraqi government and Iraqi forces against Ashraf residents. The Iranian Resistance calls for permanent placement of UNMAI monitoring team in Ashraf and their protection by the US forces in order to guarantee the protection of Ashraf residents.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 2, 2011

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