Puncture of two more sewage tanks in Liberty causing environmental contamination and possibility of the spread of dangerous diseases

Camp Liberty- No. 17
On Saturday March 10 and Monday March 12, two other sewage tanks in Liberty were punctured due to wear and tear (photo is attached). Massive sewage spill has polluted the area of the Liberty and the residents’ health is seriously endangered. UNAMI representatives have witnessed the scene and of photographed and filmed it.

Prior to this, on February 28, due to burst of one of the main sewer pipes, a large part of the camp was contaminated. In such circumstances, not only the effort of the residents who frequently ask the Iraqi government representative for the repair and reconstruction of sewage systems has gone nowhere, but he prevents residents’ own actions to solve this problem. Iraqi forces, despite the availability of similar tanks at the camp, prevent moving worn out and outdated tanks.

Since in few weeks hot season begins in Iraq, if the problem of reconstruction and renovation of Liberty sewage system is not resolved, leaking sewage tanks and environmental contamination will cause the spread of dangerous diseases.

Serious infrastructure deficiencies and excessive wear at Liberty that have been popping up one after the other during the past 25 days, leaves no doubt that this camp does not conform to any international humanitarian standards and without its complete reconstruction, it lacks the minimum requirements for residents’ living.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
March 12, 2012

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