Protests and clashes in cities across Iran

Feb. 14 Demonstration- No. 5

In Shiraz, people in Namazi and Mola Sadra Road chanted “Don’t be afraid, we are all together”

NCRI – State Security forces clashed with protesters in front of the Eram dormitories. A student was detained.

In front of Eram dormitories, suppressive forces used tear gas and clashed with protesters in order to disperse them. A number of people were wounded and arrested. In Mollah Sadra street people chanted “Down with Syed Ali (Khamenei) , damn Ben Ali, Damn Khamenei “.

In Esfahan, people protested in Enghelab square, near Charbagh street and aside Si-O-Sepol bridge. A number of them were arrested by plain regime agents.
Anti-government protests also took place in Garmsar , Kerman, Mashad, Babol and Bushehr
In Garmsar, Para-militia Basij and Herasat (branch of regime’s Ministry of Intelligence on university campuses) clashed with students.

In Kerman, hundreds of people staged demonstrations and chanted anti-government slogans. State Security forces attacked demonstrators wounding a number of people.

In Mashhad, students staged protests in front of the Ferdosi Engineering College. A number of other people staged protests in Mellat Park. Some protesters have been arrested at the Rahnamayie conjunction.

In Babol, youths used sound grenades in their gathering. People in Esfahan, Tabriz and Rasht also staged concurrent protests with other cities across the country.
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
14 February 2011

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