Protests and Clashes in Azadi Stadium in Tehran

Today, brave young people turned a football match between “Isteghlal” and “Tractor Sazi” of Tabriz into a protest against the clerical regime. This protest is in response to the heroic uprising of the people of Tabriz and Uremia protesting against the repressive and destructive policies of the ruling religious fascism is in Uremia.

 The clerical regime’s repressive forces had started   checking vehicles coming from Azerbaijan to participate in this event from early morning hours, not permitting them to enter Tehran. Despite the controls close to one hundred thousand people in the stadium chanted anti regime slogans protesting against the government.

In addition thousands of people who could not get in the stadium started to protest outside the stadium, several of whom were wounded as a result of the suppressive forces attack and many more arrested.

Protests started at 18:00 with crowds chanting “The Uremia Lake is dying and the Parliament is helping its demise”.

The suppressive forces fearing the spread of the demonstration stopped many fans of the “Tractor Sazi” team from entering the stadium. This led to clashes between people and the suppressive forces at 18:15.

Hundreds of people in Tabriz unexpectedly took to the streets and protested chanting slogans.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
September 9, 2011

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