Protests aim to overthrow entire regime: mullahs’ prosecutor

The Iranian regime’s prosecutor in Tehran has said that the Iranian people’s popular uprisings aim to overthrow the entire regime, according to state-run news agencies on Tuesday.

Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi, whose comments were published by the state-run Fars and ILNA news agencies, said, “The sedition movement’s main contention is with the velayat-e faqih [absolute clerical rule]. It is now clear that it has entered a phase of wanting to overthrow” the entire regime.

Dolatabadi, who was recently placed under sanctions by the US as a human rights abuser, added, “Following a year of calm, the sedition movement once again surfaced on February 14. Everyone saw that their contention is not elections … Their main contention is with the velayat-e faqih. So, they have entered a phase of overthrow.”

Casting the protests as a western plot, he added, “They think if they preoccupy us, we would get tired. By planning weekly riots, they think they can make us forget the broader issues and the costs that they exact from us on the human rights topic.”

The regime’s prosecutor in Tehran also added, “My suggestion to families is to be careful about the actions of their children because it can no longer be argued that we didn’t know about the nature of the sedition movement.”

He acknowledged that two protestors were killed by the regime during the February 14 protests.

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