Prominent politician warns against Iranian regime plots in Iraq’s Diyala province

The National Dialogue Council of Iraq issued a press release on Wednesday warning against the Iranian regime’s plots in the province of Diyala and called on provincial officials to prevent the implementation of Tehran’s designs.

According to Assawat al-Iraq news agency, Sheikh Khalaf al-Alian, the Secretary General of the National Dialogue Council of Iraq, said in a statement, “The Iranian regime’s Intelligence Ministry has embarked on suspicious activities in the province of Diyala.


It has employed and paid several Iraqis to set up a photo gallery in the town of Khalis against the People’ Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK),” some of whose members reside in Camp Ashraf, Iraq.
Camp Ashraf, home to more than 3,400 PMOI members, is situated in Diyala.

The National Dialogue Council called on the people and officials in the province to ward off the clerical regime’s meddling in Diyala in order to avoid more bloodshed.

Sheikh al-Alian identified a cleric who he said is responsible for sending militias and death squads to Iraq, and said, “American and Iraqi military sources have stated hundreds of times that weapons and terrorists enter Iraq from Iran and that terrorists are trained there.”

The statement adds, “One of the Iranian regime’s organs that has infiltrated Iraq is an organization known as Habilian which is connected to the Iranian regime’s Intelligence Ministry. Its main responsibility is to hire Iraqi mercenaries, take them to Iran and hand them assignments against the people of Iraq, its patriotic forces and the PMOI.”

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