Prominent Iraqi religious leader blames al-Maliki for terrorist attacks in Iraq

NCRI- A prominent Iraqi religious leader accused the Iraqi government of Nouri Al-Maliki of executing terrorist attacks in Iraq which have been planned by outsiders, Iraqi TV al-Taqeer reported on Sunday, March 24.

Dr. Abdulmalik al-Saadi called on all Iraqis to join public protests and persist on their demands.

“Government of Nouri al-Maliki has allowed itself to repress the people of Iraq, arrest and kill them… in doing so the government is concentrating on a special group of people of Iraq,” he said.

Dr. al-Saadi said “while the government of Iraq has animosity towards the Sunni politicians, it is allowing them (the Iranian regime) to carry out corrupt activities in this country.“

The Prominent Iraqi religious leader also slammed the execution of “innocents” by government of al-Maliki as being “totally political and seatrain.”

He said the Iraqi judiciary “is not honest and just.”


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