Prisoners in Iran under severe torture

A prisoner being held at Karaj’s Gohardasht prison has been severely beaten by Iranian regime agents, that has left him a broken left foot, fingers and nose, according to Human Rights and Democracy Activists in Iran.

Farhang Pourmansouri was transferred to solitary confinement at Gohardasht’s Ward 1 after protesting against inhumane conditions at Ward 5. During the protest, prisoners took complete control of Ward 5 for six days.

After negotiations with the regime’s prison officials, they agreed to end their protest, but were severely beaten after. Some of the prisoners were transferred to Ward 1, known as the “doghouse” for its inhumane conditions.

Almost all of them suffered from severe injuries, including broken limbs, after being severely beaten by regime agents.

Mr. Pourmansouri spent 18 days in solitary confinement where he was brutally tortured and beaten with electric batons.

The names of some of the torturers are reported to be Ali Mohammadi, the deputy warden, Faraji, deputy prison intelligence officer, Reza Torabi, head of interrogation, Mirza Aqaei, Amini and Salmani.

Mr. Pourmansouri is deprived of medical care after being transferred to Ward 4 of the prison. The remaining prisoners are still in solitary confinement and under torture.

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