Prior to the IAEA meeting in Tehran, the Iranian regime’s media have been briefed for propaganda for the regime and against the atomic agency

The Supreme National Security Council of the clerical regime has tasked the editors of trusted media in a confidential instruction to portray the IAEA as incapable of decision making and not independent, simultaneous with the negotiations between the Iranian regime and the International Atomic Energy Agency, which is supposed to take place on December 13 in Tehran; to portray the statements of its Director General dishonest, to blame him for not finalizing the modality between Iran and the IAEA, and to depict the Iranian regime’s act to enter the negotiations as a confidence building measure. Some of the contents of this instruction are as follows:

1- To highlight the goodwill and preparedness of the regime’s leaders to enter negotiations, while stressing the regime’s red lines for not setting aside illegal nuclear projects;
2- To advertise that simply the entry of the regime into modality negotiations by Iran is a confidence building measure since Iran does not have any legal obligations to do so;
3- To portray the IAEA as a useless entity. To blame Amano as the final culprit in not finalizing the modality between Iran and the IAEA who obstructs the finalization of modality between Iran and the IAEA and is dishonest in his statements about Parchin site;
4- To advertise that the agency is not independent in its decision making and what it reports is not the information of the inspectors rather it is the information of western intelligence services against Iran. Therefore the agency must prove to Iran that it is an independent negotiation partner so that it can be trusted;
5- To emphasize the links between the agency and intelligence services because this issue is important with respect to assassination f nuclear scientists, security of information and briefing of the agency by these services;
6- To advertise that the IAEA team does not have enough authority from the Director General and western countries;
7- To bring the negotiations with the IAEA simultaneous and in connection with the P5+1 discussions;
8- To emphasize that P5+1 must give necessary guarantees to work with the agency.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 11, 2012

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