Preventing entry of drugs purchased by Camp Ashraf residents, another way to torture and kill the injured

Camp Ashraf  military occupation – NO.78

346 residents injured on April 8 attack; 225 wounded by bullets and are in desperate need of drugs

On Friday April 22, two weeks after the attack and massacre of the Camp  Ashraf residents, the repressive Iraqi forces prevented medicine and medical equipment which were obtained through hard efforts and at a high cost by the residents from entering the camp. The medical equipment and drugs are vital in treating the injured of the April 8 attack.

Particularly after two years of medical siege the residents are deprived of the minimum equipments. The aim of the clerical regime and its Iraqi agents is to pressure and torture the injured.
Of the 346 residents who were injured on the April 8 attack, 225 were wounded by bullets and grenades shrapnel and are in desperate need of drugs. 21   of the injured are in critical condition. Seven of them have been transferred to hospital by U.S. forces and    the rest of the wounded are not receiving the minimum required care and treatment.

The five injured residents who after receiving minor care were hastily returned to Ashraf from Baghdad and Baquba hospitals  , have been exposed to severe infections and possible  blood clots are very likely.
Mansoor Hajian shot in the lung and Mohamad Reza Rahimi who was shot in the knee have had their wounds infected and are in critical condition.
Some people, who had less complicated injuries because of lack of adequate medical care and sanitary conditions in Baquba hospital, suffer from severe and dangerous infections.

Iraqi forces also prevented some essential items such as water systems, electrical generators, engine oil, cooling and freezing equipment, filters, hoses, water pumps, electrical fuse, and battery service vehicles from entering the camp.

In addition to preventing drugs, water and electrical supplies from entering the camp the mercenaries stole 25 volumes of Arabic- Persian Dictionaries.

Depriving the injured access to medical services and medications are considered war crimes and crimes against humanity and those responsible must be tried and punished.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 23, 2011

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